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Seven Days with Seven Dogs
A Dog-umentary

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Meet the Dogs

Suki LouieTalaTwylahCedarWillowRaffi

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Where We Visited:
The Cherry Orchard
Cape Otway Cottages
Moonlight Retreat
Otway Gypsy Wagons
Best Friend Holiday Retreat
Stone Cottage
Giba Gunyah Country Cottages

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Suki, in "Seven Days with Seven Dogs"

Name: Suki.
Age in Film: 13.
Likes: Barking, meeting new humans and dogs, going for trips into town, riding in the car, riding in her wheelbarrow (which we refer to as her "chariot").
Dislikes: Being left behind.
Health Issues: Severe heart murmur, lymphatic mass, advanced arthritis (other than that, she's doing fine).

We found Suki at a vet's office in a rural town when she was just a bundle of puppy fluff, at a time when we were desperately trying to find a new place to live and were just about to take an overseas trip. The sign on her cage read, "Two Days to Go". Well, that was it, we had to take her on.

Suki was already compromised when she came to us. But she was gung-ho about life, and lived every day to the full.

Suki's desire to have more outings, combined with the vet telling us she didn't have long to live, prompted us to take her and the rest of the dogs on the trip of a doggie lifetime. The result: "Seven Days with Seven Dogs".



Name: Louie
Age in Film: At least 13.
Likes: Eating. Eating. Sleeping. Maybe a spot of something tasty found out in the paddock. Did we mention eating?
Dislikes: Being away from his humans.
Health Issues: Significant weakening of hips and back legs.

Louie was abandoned by his former carer, along with Cedar. The guy just left them behind when he moved house. Louie was forced to fend for himself and sleep outside (imagine him, with such a thin coat, out in the mountain cold).

When we found him, he stank, was covered in eczema, and had terrible manners. We knew that he would have scant prospect at a pound. Regular feeding and loving care transformed him into a model, healthy dog.


Name: Tala.
Age in Film: 12.
Likes: Sleeping on the bed. Being next to Billie. Swimming.
Dislikes: Being on the other side of a door from where Billie is.
Health Issues: Hip dysplasia.

Tala, along with Twylah, came from a pound known to send dogs off for vivisection and animal experimentation. She soon proved herself to be fiercely loyal to Billie. She would sit under Billie's desk, and follow her from room to room.


Name: Twylah.
Age in Film: 12.
Likes: Going for walks in the hills with Andrew. Giving the cats a hairdo by licking them on the head (we call this "Hair by Twylah"). Bellyflopping into water.
Dislikes: Being brushed. Travelling in the car.
Health Issues: Onset of spondiolosis.

Twylah was a mature age dog in the pound where we found her and Tala. She suffered there, and when we found her, she was skinny, her hair was falling out, and she had an eye discharge. Holistic treatment and a natural diet solved all of those problems.

Where Tala became Billie's shadow, Twylah adopted Andrew.


Name: Cedar.
Age in Film: 9.
Likes: Chasing a tennis ball, bringing it more or less back, then chasing it again.
Dislikes: Sharing the ball with another dog. Being in a confined space too close to the other dogs, especially in the car.
Health Issues: Very good. Emotionally, she is fear-aggressive toward other dogs when confined in too small a space, as well as around food. Understandable, as she was starving when we took her in.

Cedar and Louie were left behind by their alleged carer, which affected her deeply as she was fairly young, and had been taken away from her mother too early. Smart and loyal, Cedar relishes running after tennis balls, and is a beautifully behaved.


Name: Willow.
Age in Film: 4.
Likes: Barking incredibly loudly for her dinner. Curling up with a cat.
Dislikes: Being hungry.
Health Issues: Deaf. Severely epileptic.

Willow was rescued from a breeder who was about to put her down, by someone well-intentioned but unexperienced with deaf dogs. When she first came to us, she required a great deal of reassurance and a strong sense of "this is your forever home". She soon learned to take visual cues from the other dogs, and visitors usually fail to notice she can't hear.

Willow is a gentle giant with a very sweet temperament.


Name: Raffi.
Age in Film: At least 6.
Likes: Acting and performing or posing for a camera. Being the centre of attention. Running along side a car, barking at the wheels.
Dislikes: Sharing the limelight.
Health Issues: Very good.

Raffi simply showed up in our yard one day. He ran off and came back a month later for good. Tamsin named him almost instantly. He is the lead dog actor in our first feature film, "Finding Joy" and is Tamsin's constant companion.

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