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Seven Days with Seven Dogs
A Dog-umentary

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Where We Visited:
The Cherry Orchard
Cape Otway Cottages
Moonlight Retreat
Otway Gypsy Wagons
Best Friend Holiday Retreat
Stone Cottage
Giba Gunyah Country Cottages

And a Big Woof of Thanks to All Our Sponsors:
Holidaying with Dogs
Gourmet Doggie Bag
Australian Bush Flower Essences
Carmen's Fine Foods
Pet Power
Fullhealth Industries
Griffith Butchery
Select Foods
So Natural
Vets All Natural
Dr Ian Billinghurst
Susan Scott
Dr Sandra Cabot
Pure Alternatives
Cynthia Waters
Burt Barrows

The Seven Days with Seven Dogs short appears online as part of:

  • FourDocs

    The FourDocs editor said, "When a film makes you smile like a complete nitwit you know it's great."

  • Campfire Online Film Festival

    The reviewer said,"The film “Seven Days with Seven Dogs” caused me to look into one of my Books of Wisdom. I asked myself “How complete was my thinking about animals and what was my response to God putting us in charge of His creation and that He cared about their welfare?” This reference was found: “Good people are good to their animals where as the ‘good-hearted’ bad people kick and abuse them.” (Book of Proverbs 12:10)

The short has also screened at the following film festivals:

  • Popocorn Taxi Flagfall Film Festival (Melbourne)
  • Flake Film Festival (Perisher)
  • short::seasons Film Festival (Canberra)
  • SNOWYFEST (Thredbo)

It has appeared on television on ABC's Stateline (Canberra).

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