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Seven Days with Seven Dogs
A Dog-umentary

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The First Six Minutes

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Where We Visited:
The Cherry Orchard
Cape Otway Cottages
Moonlight Retreat
Otway Gypsy Wagons
Best Friend Holiday Retreat
Stone Cottage
Giba Gunyah Country Cottages

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This is the first six minutes or so of the full version of Seven Days with Seven Dogs, just as it appears on the DVD. If you enjoy it, you might like to come on the whole 53-minute journey with us. The DVD is available from our shop. You also might like to also see what people are saying about Seven Days with Seven Dogs, and have a look at the short version.


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What People Are Saying

"We watched your dog-umentary tonight! The whole family sat down and we loved it. The kids giggled and enjoyed the dogs and the beautiful sights, I really appreciated the wholesomeness and warmth your family exudes for each other and the animals, and my partner Derek was amazed by it. (He likes his comfort and convenience!)

"It was inspiring because it was so honest and genuine and simple. Your heart and feeling for the dogs came through so clearly. I'm sure '7 Days' is going to inspire many people to consider holidaying with their pets! And what a great idea to showcase the various holiday venues that welcome pets. It was professional and pacey and rewarding to watch. I've thought of at least three families straight away who will enjoy it, so we'll be recommending and lending!"
-- Liliane Grace, author of The Mastery Club, Melbourne, Vic

I can't stop smiling!!! The film is wonderful in so many ways, from scenery to music to subject. I'll be sharing it with Dave when he gets home and will take it with me to show my sons, brothers, dad and friends.

I will treasure and watch this until we can get there ourselves, that's been a dream of ours. Thanks for sharing this!
-- Marta Irwin, California

Someone in the audience said they would have loved another hour of the film, but I could not have taken heart would have exploded. By the end of the doco, I felt I knew each of the dogs, so clearly and lovingly had they been portrayed.

This exemplary documentary shows the degree of love that can exist between people and their foot footed friends. I found it extremely moving and an inspiration to anyone who has ever experienced the profound love of a four-legged companion. I felt privileged to have glimpsed a life so infused with love.

Exquisite film making. You'll cry with laughter, you'll cry with love; the film is THAT beautiful. It leads the audience effortlessly with humour, creative camera work and a script that made our cheeks ache from so much smiling.

Truly inspiring! This film renewed my faith in mankind and showed what is possible with love.
-- Jackie Rozenfeld, Melbourne

An inspirational journey of 7 dogs and 3 humans. I laughed; I cried: I loved it. This film shows Billie and Andrews love and commitment to their furry friends, as well a quick glimpse into their life and their life's work. I have now watched the DVD numerous times (It actually travels with me. Has been to Melbourne and back and will be in Canberra soon!). Truly beautiful.
-- Kath Longhurst, Perth

I just got your “7 Days with 7 Dogs” movie and I really liked it. It was so much fun, and so full on. I don’t think people know how true this movie is to your life. I have seen you guys and your car packed with all your dogs, each on their individual diets, some vegetarians, some only eating sal mon.. It is truly amazing how much love and affection you have for animals, and I am inspired by the enormous respect you pay the animals. I believe many people could learn a lot from watching this film and they would probably start treating their dogs and other animals much better after watching this film. Congratulations on another beautiful and inspiring film. You Guys Rock!
-- Signe Ford, Theta Healing Instructor, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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